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Latin America’s largest country, I came to Baku from Brazil’s Amazonas state.
I brought you the courage of the Amazon women warriors.
My name is,  Sheislane Hayalla* I’m 22, my parents came from Bahia on August 25, 1991, although little came to Manaus Amazonas state, and that was when my life began for this reason I consider Amazonian.
In my childhood I remember playing princess and always dreamed that one day I would have a crown and a castle to put all my family, all my dreams had always my family in, I think they are so special to me that whenever were in them, not to mention that I was parading through the house and as a model for making photos, school was a little tricky because it was always the more taller in class but then had to endure the kids calling me giraffe build and other nicknames time was sad to me and made me cry , but all that things  made me the strong person I am today, but were dance classes and singing that I really enjoyed myself, and theater I spoken, loved, from these classes started me loosen up and make friendship until today because where I go, I can make friendship so fast.

At 19 I went to college for real estate brokerage, started working in the field but still wanted to do something related to fashion there, I began to see the beauty contest and was radiated by all, one day a friend called me to do a course of Commissioner of flight , I could not make it because I had the same financial conditions I didn`t have money, and when I made my first sale flat all the money went to build the house of my parents, and 20 years to get the money to do the course of Commissioner of flight  the course was wonderful and almost at the end of the course had a contest for models over Brazil called this fantastic girl I had just turned 21, 3500 girls were written only in the Amazon and that among girls was selected for the final 15 girls, but there was this time I was sad but not give up because as a child I learned to fight for my goals, I finished the course and ended up leaving the commissioner branch the brokerage then started doing English course and study biology, was when I really began approaching Miss world because that was my dream since my childhood, and this course was elected AMAZON MISS GLOBE 2013 and then won the MISS
How can I define me! I am a woman girl, outgoing sweet, happy, like reading, listening to music, watching movie, traveling, dancing, playing sports, working out, hanging out with my friends or even stay at home with my parents and actually like to do all a bit because everything I do, I do with great pleasure course sometimes the weariness in time to go to gym, but I identify myself with to dance, I love to dance no matter the pace. My objective is become a successful woman to the point of being able to help people, I actually want to change the world even if it is an indirect way, because as MISS want people to see through my actions, and know that if each take a moment to think about it and even look the part understood, you can do a little and if every person in the world to do the same things, you can change the world.

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