| SEPTEMBER 14, 2014 |
The 90th final contest of “Miss Globe International” beauty contest was held on September 14, 2014, in the world’s biggest indoor event Arena Crystal Hall which is next to Bayrak Square in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku and hosted by Avesta Concern By Ibrahim Nehramlı.
For the announcement of the contest dedicated to promoting Azerbaijan and therefore Khazar Island New City Project worldwide, three slogans were decided to be presented nationally and internationally, and the contest was announced to the public by use of two different poster designs. 
The first slogan was:
     “World is going to Azerbaijan!”
The second slogan was:
      “Go to Azerbaijan
        to see the venue
        for the tallest building
        of the world(!)”
And the third slogan was:
     “Witness the history!!!”
Each of the three posters were prepared by Promed Advertising Agency which is centered in Istanbul. For the international presentation of the first poster, a photograph of previous year’s winner Brazilian Jakelyne Oliveira De Silva and photographs of the singers who would perform live at the concert in Crystal Hall were used.
Also, there was information related to the contest’s date, content and other subjects. For the national presentations of the poster, photographs of each country’s winner were used. For the second poster design, a 3D silhouette of Azerbaijan Towers which is a candidate to be the world’s tallest building with the length of 1050 meters, was used.
Posters were shown for two months in Azerbaijan’s capital Baku and another country the same posters were also hung was Turkiye They were on the billboards for a week in Istanbul, Beşiktaş and Kadıköy-Beylikdüzü metrobus line.
For the copies of the posters in other countries, a different practice was followed for each country and a photograph of the Miss Globe National winner of each country was also used.
As the result of the contest organized by Baku’s leading event company Z company 2007 under the responsibility given by RCA Global Entertainment Co. ,  Esma Voloder who participated in the show with the title of Miss Globe Australia, was chosen as the winner of 89th Miss Globe International® title.
Main supporter of the contest and the president of Khazar Island – New City Project, Ibrahim Nehramlı crowned the beauty queen.
International jury gave the first runner-up title to Miss Globe Brazilia Sheislane Hayalla, and the second runner-up title to Miss Globe Mexico Us Jocell Rosana Villa.
The contestants who particiapted in the finale and was in first five ranks were as follows: 
Third runner-up  
Miss Globe Azerbaijan
Oksana Rizayeva
Fourth runner-up
Miss Globe Bolivia
Vivian Susanna Serrano.
At the final stage of the show, the best national dress was also awarded. >>
The national dress Bolivian Vivian Serrano presented was thewinner. The dress symbolized the warrior Amazon woman.
It was prepared with materials such as dried peels and sprouts of the natural plants.
The designer of the dress was the famous Bolivian fashion designer Eduardo Ribera. This unique design which he dedicated to Amazon woman, was also appriciated and honored by the international fashion designers.
Famous Azerbaijani fashion designer and jury member Fakhriya Khalafova announced this decision of the fashion designers in front of the audience during the live show.
A 1702 squaremeter wide stage was constructed inside Crystal Hall for the contest.
The architect of the stage constructed inside Crystal Hall which has a capacity for  25 thousand audience was famous Azerbaijani architect Natevan Mirzayeva.  
This stage had seven entry points, two wings and in the middle a crystal shaped structure eight meters into the hall. For the lighting of the stage, laser lights in different colors were placed.
The show started at 9:30 p.m. And lasted three and a half hours. International choreographer Ferhan Aral conducted the stage show of the contestants who came from five continents.
A team created by Ozkan Outside Broadcast Vans recorded the show with 12 live cameras and by A.Z. TV’s live broadcast vehicle, it was shown on Space Channel in Azerbaijan and in other countries by different national and international television channels, particularly by Fox Broadcasting Network.
Audience could also watch the show simultaneously on the webpage
www.missglobeinternational.com .
The live broadcast of the show was transmitted to television stations including Fox’s international network in more than 70 countries simultaneously.
Beauty queens appeared with their national dresses and introduced themselves in pairs in the first stage.
They paid their respects to Azerbaijan nation and said :
“Hello Baku, Hello Globe”.
Afterwards, they represented the season’s furs provided by Femina Fur Gallery. Then in the third stage, they appeared in front of the audience in their swimwears.
Swimsuit models prepared by Azerbaijani fashon designer Günel Behbudova under Günel Swimvear® brand attracted great interest.
In the last stage, beauty queens were on stage in night gowns again prepared by ‘Günel Behbdova Art’ and were applauded greatly. Famous Azerbaijani presenter Hüsniye Muharremova hosted the 3,5-hour-long show. In 2012, she also appeared on more than 40 television stations in Europe as the main presenter of Eurovision Song Contest and won the general approval with her success.
It was really praiseworthy that she successfully hosted the 3,5-hour long live show independently of written content.
Famous singers performed live during the stage shows of the beauty queens within the contest.
The program was initiated by Azerbaijan Azerbaijan State Dance Group. Between stages, different famous singers performed on stage.
Turkish singers Demet Akalın, Gökhan Özen, and Haluk Levent, Famous Romanian singer INNA and young Azerbaijani singer Vagif Nagıyev ensured the audience enjoyed their time.
Five continents were represented in the contest’s jury. Jury created with the representers from Azerbaijan, Turkiye Venezuela, Brazil, Greece, Myanmar and Spain, watched the show thoroughly and gave points to each contestant. 
Jury president was the owner of  “Miss Globe International” contest and the president of the contest’s global producer RCA Global Entertainment Co., - Rasim Aydin.
Jury secretary was Nico Bora from Venezuela. Mr. Bora is also the founder president of  Turkish Latin Business Council.      
Jury members were as follows:
President of Z Company 2007, 
Zamiq Yunisov,
Famous Azerbaijani fashion designer Fahkriya Khalafova,
Famous Azerbaijani composer
Gövhar Hasanzade,
Producer and presenter of Spanish TV shows Marcel Arnolat Salazar.
Mr. Salazar is also the creator of ‘Costa Almeria Youth Festival’.
Academia H Consultand’s president Hla Nu Tun from Myanmar,
Athens Modelling Academy’ s president Georgios Koutoulias from Greece.
Mr. Koutoulias also works in Athens olympics committee. He develops programs in order to add to the excitement of the olympics.
Politician and organizator Danilo D’Avila from Brazil’s Parana state,
Producer and presenter of real-estate programs Duygu Meltem Yalçınkaya from Turkey. Ms. Yalçınkaya is also the founder
president of DMY timeshare company.
Avesta Concern’s vice president Sabih Ibrahimov from Azerbaijan,
Marketing & Advertising Designer Abdulridha Saleh from Bahrain,
Khazar Island New City Project vice president Taleh Quliyev from Azerbaijan,
Khazar Island New City Project press contact director Qabil Quliyev from Azerbaijan,
And Azerbaijani national boxer Sair İskenderov.
The jury determined the top 20 countries by the end of the first stage by elemination.
They chose the top 10 in the second stage and then the top five countries.
In the last stage, Sheislane Hayalla presenting Brazil and Esma Voloder presenting Australia competed alone.
After analyzing each participant’s abilities and experience, jury declared Esma Voloder representing Australia the 89th beauty queen of Miss Globe International and crowned her in front of the audience.
Chosen beauty queen was crowned with a silver tiara decorated with shiny flower patterns which was designed by Turkish accessory manufacturer Gürel Company whose products are liked and sold in about 40 countries.
After the winner beauty queen was announced, the contest’s host and main supporter Avesta Concern’s founder president İbrahim Nehramlı was invited to stage and he dressed the queen with the sash which was embroided with the words “Miss Globe International®”.
Queen was in a Günel Behbudova design night gown decorated with crystals.
During the contest, it was announced that two different titles with the names of main sponsor Khazar Island and Femina Fur Gallery were given to two different contestants.
These titles and their winners were ;
‘Miss Khazar Islands’ title
Anastasiya Kostych
Miss Globe Ukraine
‘Miss Femina Fur’ title
Gianna Dimaki
Miss Globe Greece
After the completion of the contest, Esma Voloder who gave her first interview to Hasan Kocabıyık from Pazar Surprizi program on Turkish television station Kanal D, stated that she was happy beyond words to have won the crown.
She said that she was ready and going to participate as a role model in all kinds of social programs that would be carried out against the world’s fundamental problems of poverty, unemployment, fight against drugs, and war in order to to attract the attention of society.

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