| OCTOBER 14, 2014 |
The 88thMiss Globe International®
Had been succesfully Completed.
The Winner is Miss Brazil!!!
Jakelyne De Oliveira
LEFKOSE /TRNC- The 88th Miss Globe International® Grand Final has been held at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Lefkoşe, capital city of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC), on 14th of October, 2012 with a chorography show created by Mr. Ferhan ARAL.
The gala show was presented by a Turkish actor Mr. Şenol IPEK in Turkish and a Turkish singer Nez [Nezihe Kalkan] in English. Miss Jakelyne De Oliveira from Brazil was crowned as a winner at the 88thMiss Globe International® Grand Final.
The result of the contest was announced by Mr. Rasim AYDIN who is the owner of the trademark. When the excitement of the spectators reached at the highest point
Mr. Rasim Aydın announced that the winner is Miss Jakelyne De Oliveira from Brazil with 178 points. Right after the announcement, the confetti rain has started with a brightly stage show. The new queen was coroneted by Mr.Rasim Aydın together with Mr. Barbaros Şansal, a famous Fashion designer and a TV programmer. 
There were 18 jury members at the pageant; Mr. Murat Göce, an instructor at the Bilgi University at the department of law and informatics, Dr. Cem Çıtlak, founder and the president of Royal Aesthetics Company, Mr. Mesut Yar, a famous TV programmer and a journalist, Ms. Sema Yıldırım, Fashion Designer, Mr. Kadir Peker, CEO of the Borajet Airline Company, Mr. Vedat Erbaş, CEO of the Pasha Companies Group, Mr. Yusuf Şimşek, Businessman, Ms. Özlem Kotan, Editor in Chief -Cosmopolitan Magazine Turkish Edition, Mr. Barbaros Şansal, Fashion designer, Mr. Ender Bölükbaşı, General Co- Director of Show TV, Mr. Mehmet Alp Elmalı, member of Radio and Television supreme council representative, Mr. Biray Dalkıran, a director at the Eser Movie Production Company, Ms. Bircan Bali, Integrity Agency Co-Director, Mr. Mehmet Gumus, Vice President of Argento Swimwear Company, Mr. Hakan Aydin, Vice President of Miss Globe Organization Co., Mr.Nico Bora, Founder of  Caracas Ottoman Cusine and Latin American Countries Director at the RCA Entertainment Co., Mr. Taner Sanduvaç, CEO of SeraTUT Chemical Co., Ms. Berrin Akyüz, Fashion Designer.
The owner and the president of the Miss Globe International® Pageant Mr. Rasim Aydın made a short speech at the event and said that as a result of our national directors’ high efforts; we have received applications from 130 countries. We have evaluated the applications and invited 89 eligible candidates to İstanbul. After that we selected 41 contestants to take them to the stage for the grand final. Now we are in front of those 41 girls from 41 countries. We were asked why did we choose Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus, Now I want to answer that question here. Our mission is to renew the friendship and fraternity feelings and build up more relations between the nations. Now we are carrying out this mission here in this place. You have opened your hearts to us for three years. So we did our best to realize this mission. Tonight is our last event in Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus, but we are happy that we have been able to carry out that mission successfully.
The preparations for the Miss Globe International® Grand Final started months before the event. Some leading and beneficent corporations supported our organization. 2009 Eurovision song contestant Hadise and famous Turkish pop singer Serdar Ortaç sang on the stage during the event. Miss Globe International Organization has chosen Turkish Airlines again to transfer the contestants from their countries to Turkiye. WOW Airport Hotel has welcomed the contestants in İstanbul with incredible hospitality. After the pre election at the WOW hotel, 41 contestants were selected to represent their countries at the grand final.
Skyride Company showed around the historical and natural beauties of Istanbul to the contestants with the help of virtual navigation technology. Jolly Tour Company provided a bus for the transfers and with the sightseeing of İstanbul. The forum shopping mall welcomed the contestants. Girls have visited some international trademarks’ shops and did shopping at the Mall. They also visited the amazing aquarium centre in the same facility and experienced a fantastic visit after the shopping. They also watched another animation show at the mall. The contestants have visited the centres of the sponsors in Istanbul and extended their thanks.
Reina Night Club, which is doing business under ‘Su Entertainment Group’, has welcomed the contestant with a welcome party by the picturesque view of Bosporus. The representatives of the sponsor corporations have also participated to the welcome party at the Reina Night Club.
Eser Movie Production Company offered one more title to the Miss Globe International Organization as ‘Miss Cinema’ for the new films to be produced in the following seasons. The first titleholder of the Miss Cinema became Miss Derya Aral from Türkiye.
The stage design concept of the event was designed by Design Box Co. The sound and the lightening system was prepared by the Bemol Company which is located in Lefkose Capital. The invitation letters were prepared and delivered also Design Box. Invitation letters’ designs and the contestants’ dressings’ prints and arrangements were made by NetCopy Company in İstanbul. The 88th Final’s publicity concept was created by Integrity Agency.
The flights from İstanbul to Ercan Airport of Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus, were provided by Borajet Airline Company with a special aircraft. During the 15 days of camping period, the contestants and the national directors were accommodated by Golden Tulip Hotel. The transfers from Ercan Airport to hotel was provided by Pasha Casino with some special vehicles. The contestants drank Royce Energy Drings to keep their performances high during the 15 days. The Lolitan Secret has presented some short slaved dressings and pyjamas to the contestants to make them feel comfortable during the camping period. The Argento Swimwear Company, which has been shining like a star from Turkiye to the world, has prepared the new season creation for the representatives of Miss Globe International 2012. Cupqro UnderWear trademark was also among the one which supported Miss Globe International Final 2012. It provided some shorts for the contestants to help them to act comfortably and aesthetically.
Famous fashion designer Sema Yıldırım, who prepares special designs for some premium boutiques from Istanbul to the world, has also designed very special dressing for the gala night. Another fashion designer Berrin Akyüz from İstanbul has prepared some unique designs which attracted the intentions during the night. The national sashes of the contestants were prepared by Armalı Bayrak Company which is located in İstanbul. All the outdoor and saloon advertising materials were prepared by Aymer Advertisement Company which is located in İzmir.
The contestants were honoured by the parliament and the government of Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus, The president of the Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus, parliament Dr. Hasan Bozer has honoured the contestants along with the president of the pageant Mr. Rasim Aydın and the vice president of the pageant Mr. Mujdat Kavas. The contestants were also welcomed and honoured by Mr. İrsen Küçük, the prime minister of Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus, in Lefkoşe Capital.
Cameraman Mr.Hakan Özmen has followed the contestant with his camcorder for 15 days and Ozkan Production Company has prepared the Gala nights shootings with its 39 staff to give the best images to the world.
The Cosmopolitan Magazine’s Turkish Edition has also supported the pageant and announced that the 88th Miss Globe International title holder Miss Jackeline De Oliveira will be on the cover of the next edition.
•Lefkose Capital/Turkish Republic Northern Cyprus
14 October 2012

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