| DECEMBER 28,2010 |

Miss Globe International® 2010 

Crown and title holder
86. Miss Globe International Grand Final has been held in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Miss Fe Solis Duran, from Spain, has crowned the title of 86th Miss Globe International®

86th Miss Globe International®, Beauty Pageant has been held on the 26th of December, 2010 in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus at the Cratos Premium Hotel’s ‘Nobel’ Ball Room.
At the end of the event, Miss Fe Solis Duran, from Spain, was crowned the 86th Queen of the Miss Globe International®. The crown and the pelerine were worn by Mr. Murat Bozoğlu, who is the owner of Cratos Premium Hotel and the Executive Vice President of Boz Group.

The first Runner UP was Miss Anna Botova, from Russia and the second Runner UP, was Miss Laura Contreras, from Venezuela. The third Runner UP was Miss Monique Paim, from Brazil. 

There were 110 applications from 110 countries. The contestants were met by the committee of Miss Globe International Organization when they get the International Ercan Airport in Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.
After 25 minutes of travelling with limousines, they checked in the Cratos Premium Hotel.

The contestants had been elected from 86 to 42. As a result of the elimination, 42 countries were invited to compete at the Grand Final.
The Cratos Premium Hotel, which is located in Kyrnia city of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, has hosted the camping and the Gala of the Pageant. There were some excursions during the camping period.
They have watched the flag ceremony of the military troops.
The delegates were also welcomed by Mr.Kemal Dürüst who is the Tourism and Culture Minister of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Mr.Dürüst made a speech to the delegates pointing out that they have made a great contribution to the relationship between the nations and they have also helped to the advertisement of the country.

On the 25th of December 2010, the camping period has ended and the New Year activities have started. The pageant was realized within concept of non-stop entertainment which was organized by the Cratos Premium Hotel for the celebration of New Year. It was observed that a lot of guests have rushed into the Hotel and it was fully occupied owing to the events. The new comers were welcomed by the dance show of a traditional Cuban Dance Group. Another jazz performance by Zeliş was also astounding.

The first event has started with the Miss Globe International Beauty Pageant. The contestants have started their performance by cat-walking on the podium to show off their costumes and talents to the spectators and panel of the judge. The performance became more and more eye-catching by bringing 41 different beauties from the different parts of the world.
The second part of the performance started with the fashion show by the new creation of ‘Park 21’.

The next show of cat-walking with the ‘Argento’ Bikinis was worth seeing.
On the last scene, the contestants appeared with evening gown which was applauded by the spectaculars for a long time.
The pageant was presented by Mr. Müjdat kavas and Miss Ece Filiz.

At the last part of the event, Serdar Ortaç, a celebrated Turkish singer who is very popular both in Turkey and in the world, sang a song. He has also surprisingly contributed to the presentation of the pageant on the stage by announcing the results of the judgments, which was a really pleasant gesture for everyone at the hall.

The panel of judge members were; Murat Bozoğlu, Kemal Bozoğlu, İsmail Abidin, Kenan Erçetingöz, Süreyya Yalçın, Serdar Ortaç, Neslihan Paker, Alphan Uz, Orhan Üstündağ, Bora Manyera, Ömer Gümüş, Evren Dörterler , Salvo Bahar, Melih Ruso, Turgut Hacı Ali, Gökçe İbrahimiye, Tayfun Rodoplu, Şeniz Eden, Veysel Nebi Gülserin. Other Tittle Holders were granted to

Miss Sofia Dementyeva from Belarus, Model of Models,
Miss Blerta Kastrati, from Austria, Best Model Queen,
Miss Syrine Kouba, from Tunisia, Miss Dream Girl,
Miss Gylsum Ali, from Bulgaria, Best Friendship,
Miss Zhong Xi Miss from, China, All Nations,
Miss Nuengnech Chantree, from Thailand, Miss Golden Girl,
Miss Fulya Sever, from Türkiye, Miss Cosmopolitan,
Miss Jelena Filipovic, from Serbia, Miss Photogenic,
Miss Elena Martynova, from Cherkessia, Miss Elegance,
Miss Wen Wen Duan, from Macau, Miss Congeniality
Miss Delia Duca, from Romania, Miss Sympathy, One of the most significant parts of the pageant was selecting the special titles.

Panel of Jury granted the honor of Best National Costume to Miss Monique Paim, from Brazil, who had 26 kilos of gorgeous national costume. 

Miss Bahar Kolkıran, who was selected by community votes in a pageant organized by Miss Globe Europe Organization, was also crowned the special title of ‘Miss Globe European Community’. The crown and the pelerine were worn by Rasim Aydın, who is the owner and the president of the Miss Globe International®. That was also one of the most-applauded scenes of the event.

Miss Nuengnech Chantree, from Thailand, crowned the title of Cratos Premium Hotel-Golden Girl 2010. Her sash was tied by Mr. Murat Bozoğlu, who is the owner of Cratos Premium Hotel and the Executive Vice President of Boz Group.

During the 5 days of program, there were 5 different performances from 5 internationally well-known artists for each night at the hotel. Miss Globe International Girls, Megastar Tarkan, Superstar Ajda Pekkan and Serdar Ortaç have made unforgettable New Year celebration events within the concept of non-stop entertainment.

The guests of the hotel, who has enjoyed the 5 days of non-stop entertainment, said that that they have lived the most enjoyable and longest entertainment in their lives.

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