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The Miss Globe ® brand is a global beauty contest held in two stages as national and international. First stage is The Miss Globe®, National Beauty contests. Second stage is Miss Globe®, International Beauty Contests. National competitions in the first stage are held once a year in each country by franchise license holders. Preparation stage and application acceptances are completed within three months. Contestants to represent each city are determined by preselections, on behalf of the city they represent they join a 10-day camp and are trained by a choreographer for the stage show. They get ready to perform before the audience in accordance with the determined main theme. Performance, prepared in accordance with the television presentation, takes place as a 130-minute stage show.

At the first part, contestants take to the stage with their local clothings, they walk to the microphone and introduce themselves.  Afterwards, they appear on stage with classic clothing, sportswear, and bathing suits. Meanwhile, jury watches the show simultaneously with the audience and they give points in different categories according to the template they have.

This way, the contestants who deserve the titles are determined.The show is presented dynamically by a host with a moving, encouraging and exciting tone. During the breaks, loved singers of the country perform live. Thus, viewers both in front of the stage and in front of their televisions, are guaranteed to have an enjoyable time.

In the countries where national Miss Globe contest isn’t held, under the leadership of our representatives, the girl who has the features we formerly announced to the public is determined. The chosen girl acquires the right to use the title of national Miss Globe until the next contest, results are made public before the media. She is crowned and dressed the Miss Globe National sash. Second stage of the contest is international Miss Globe and it includes all countries. It is held once a year.  The contestants who deserved the title of Miss Globe national of that year, represent their countries in the grand finale and compete with each other by sharing the same stage.

The format of the competition is the same as the national competition. The feature distingushing the grand finale from the national competition is that this time contestants take to the stage with their countries’ national clothings instead of their cities’ clothings.

This contest also attracts the intense interest of the international press. Miss Globe Beauty Contest takes place with the participation of girls who turned 17, isn’t older than 24, has never married from different races and cultures worldwide. It is traditionally held every year since 1925.

Because it was originated in 1925, it is considered to be the oldest and longest-established of all beauty contests. It also is the creator of beauty contests businesses and the event that developed the application formats.


Today; Miss Globe Organization has representatives in 162 countries. As the countries in this chain also hold national contests seperately, it has become a global network that uses social media under one brand. Thus, it has become a social event that influences masses.

Both national and international stages of Miss Globe® brand are seperately trademarked. These trademarks are registered to Rasim Aydın. International trademark is registered as Miss Globe International®. The main registration of the brand is in United States Trademark and Patent Office under national 100, 101 and 107, and International 35 and 41 profession codes.

Brand also has a record of global well-known brands at WIPO. 

National trademark is registered in each country by completing the brand name with the country’s name. e.g.: Miss Globe Turkiye®.

• • • • • • • 

The Miss Globe Internationa®l brand, our organization is dedicated this interesting and influencing event to social objectives. This enables us to take responsibility as well as produce benefits for humanity.

Miss Globe Organization dedicated itself to support partnership of the men and women and to promote taking responsibility together. Achieving this is the most important basis in the increase in production assets the prevention of violence.

The biggest problem of the world’s population of 6.5 billion is the lack of potable water and food supply. Access to water supplies, water losses during handling and use, and insufficient supply of food production deepens the matter. While all these problems make the life itself harder to live, in the 21st century, violence against women, and drugs pose the biggest problem in the 5/6 of the world. Instead of thinking to solve the real problems, people are showing behavioural disorders; and mauling and overwhelming each other.

Violence against women, the main problem observed in male-dominated families, exists together with malnutrition caused by poverty and domestic violence. In such societies, terrorism, theft, drug addiction, fanatics who think they approach God by torturing themselves, and many more unusual behaviours imprison the society. In such societies, mentioning the real problems like access to water resources, increasing the food production is highly unlikely. 


“To organize yearly beauty pageants which are held in two stages as national and international to promote other people’s products and services”.

iss Globe International brand, after being taken over by Rasim Aydın, redefined its vision, view and goals in compliance with the matters mentioned above, decided to take on social reponsibilities, and announced this notion to the public. It defined its missions to reach the set goals. 

Accordingly, what can Miss Globe Organization do for solutions of the problems listed above?

We as Miss Globe Organization are a global brand to which the women who have an innate beauty and charm, adopted intelligence, rational and creative thinking show interest. We have representatives, subsidiaries and role models in 162 countries that support our global posture. 

We believe that, noone should be a prisoner to an attitude of supressing one another where people hide behind the artificial concept of dominence and deficiency because of innate sex differences in men and women. The creation of gender is not to establish superiority over each other but to complete a whole as two different pieces.

Like no incomplete machine will work, women and men cannot produce any benefit, either; under the circumstances where they are inequal and do not share the obligations of life regardless of gender. Violence against women cannot be prevented and women cannot be free of domestic violence and social pressure unless they realize their true potentials and attempt to take over equal responsibilities.

Women should continuously improve themselves, get rid of the tortures which are claimed to be religious demands, grow their children as productive individuals and so be an example to the society.

Because all the species act upon a perception of mauling the weaker. Women can get out of this cycle if and only if they take on social responsibilities and work under equal opportunities with men. 


’The Miss Globe Organization’ uses social media opportunities actively worldwide to influence the people. To do this and to ensure continuity, shares all announcements and events it organizes instantaneously via 162 web sites and social media.

Miss Globe events are kept up-to-date throughout the year by means of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and are closely followed in the countries. According to the information obtained; the photographs and contents are viewed averagely 7.5 million times monthly  


Our mission is, with the responsibility of being a global business in our area of activity, maintaining our leadership, configuring corporate governance of our community in a manner that is respectful to the laws and environment, honest, fair and transparent; and fulfilling the requirements of our social responsibility, continuously improve our business in accordance with societal expectations and change.

•To organize new people-oriented projects with high added-value that offer people new discoveries.

• To ensure high and sustainable growth-rate and profitability, and to distribute an optimum ratio of profit to our shareholders; with the investments we make in research and development while maintaining our entrepreneurial courage.

• To provide professional and managerial development of our work and to reward the achievements.


Miss Globe Organization represents the competitors globally in each country, chooses smart, intelligent, beautiful and charming girls, brings them mobility ability within the team, and with a 2.5-hour stage show, provides them to take obligations and brings them forward as role models. These girls participate in our family because of the innate characteristics they have, and with our efforts they rise to the position of being candidates to become community leaders.

By encouraging these girls in the bloom of their youth, we advise them to take personal responsibility for the underlying problems of their countries when they return, to engage in social-purpose civil organizations, to promote moral values by using their intellect and charms, and to contribute to the solutions of the problems in collaboration with their own people.  

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